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Welcome to the future

Stop working with rigid tools and access digital transformation with our integrated financial solution BankWorks Phoenix® that automates, streamlines and boosts your business processes.​ ​


Our technology adapts to the dynamic changes in the financial market by automating business processes and driving the digital transformation of financial institutions.


Integral solution 

All-in-one solution, eliminates the need to integrate third-party technologies.



Cloud-native development offers business and operational scalability.


Designed with the best technology

Supported by the most important platforms in the world.


Open banking

Technological and digital innovation that facilitates integration from third-party platforms.



The only solution on the market that naturally incorporates omnichannel, enabling different digital service channels (Fixed, Mobile, Assisted, B2B) available to its Clients, Collaborators and Allies.

Integrated, flexible and scalable.


Business intelligence

Structural design that converts data into intelligence for agile decision making, innovation and institutional transformation.


Level 01

Navigation permissions

Allows you to define which system options the user can access (menus, submenus).

Level 02

Actions not allowed

Allows you to restrict certain functions or specific operations of the system so that the user does not have access.

Level 04

Type permissions

Allows you to define what type of permissions can be enabled for each of the system objects (read, write, create, delete).

level 05

Member permissions

Allows you to define special permissions for each member of the object

(reading writing).

Level 03

Permissions per product

Allows you to define the products for which the user can create or open (credits and accounts).

Level 06

Conditional permissions by type or member

Allows you to define that the permission rule (read, write, create, delete) is enabled when a special condition is met.


BankWorks Phoenix allows you to configure change logs for audit management.


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