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Credit Associations

Our value proposition aims to provide your institution with a modern IT solution that contributes to its digital transformation, streamlining and controlling risk management, supporting and making the operational areas involved more profitable.

  • Strengthen commercial management

  • Optimize business and operational processes

  • Increase the level of customer satisfaction

Credit Methodologies

  • Individual

  • Solidarity Groups

  • Communal Banks

  • Community Credit

  • Factoring

Active Portfolio

  • Staff

  • Consumption

  • Trust

  • Microcredit

  • Rotary

  • Revolving

  • Pledge

  • Mortgage

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial

  • Business

  • Financial Factoring

  • Financial Leasing

  • Consumption / Retail

Electronic Payment Methods

  • Credit card

  • Prepaid card

Associate Service and Attention

  • Onboarding to associate Natural Persons, Legal Entities, Groups

  • Onboarding to manage credits

  • Management of the relationship with the Associate, analyze the 360° profile

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Management of business opportunities

  • Service management

  • Digital contact and customer notifications via SMS, Whatsapp, email

Service Channels 

  • Agency cash operations:

    • Control of cash in vaults

    • Cash control in agencies

    • Loan disbursements

    • Loan payment

    • Collectors payment

    • Remittance payment

    • Match and close boxes

    • Balance and closing of agencies

  • Operations through the Internet

  • Operations through Mobile Devices

  • Operations through Correspondent Agents

  • Integration with business partners, receipt of online transactions in real time

  • Integration with business allies, reception of agreements modality transactions

Operation management

  • Loan portfolio management

  • Administration and control of payments / payroll

  • Risk assessment in current loan portfolio

  • Portfolio recovery or centralized collection

  • Portfolio recovery or mobile collection

  • Calculation and distribution of surpluses / Sponsorship / Dividends

  • Management of financing lines and credits with funders

  • Pledge of portfolios and rediscounts with funders

Risk management

  • Mitigate Association Risk

  • Mitigate Credit Risk

  • Mitigate Transactional Risk (Money Laundering Prevention)

  • Mitigate Financial Risk

Compliance Management

  • Information for compliance Superintendency of the Financial System

  • Information for compliance with the Central Bank

  • Information for compliance with the Ministry of Finance

  • Management and control of special transactions (PLD / FT)

  • Information for Compliance Know Your Customer

  • Information for compliance Politically Exposed Person

Strategic Information System

  • Analytical information

  • Information KPI's and KRI's

  • Executive dashboards

Administrative, Financial and Accounting Processes

  • Management with suppliers, accounts payable

  • Purchasing Process

  • Supply inventory management

  • Fixed asset management

  • Bank account management

  • HR and Payroll Management

  • Investment management and reports

  • Accounting and Finance

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