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Cooperative Federations

Our value proposition aims to provide your institution with a modern IT solution that contributes to its digital transformation, streamlining and controlling risk management, supporting and making the operational areas involved more profitable.

  • Strengthen commercial management

  • Optimize business and operational processes

  • Increase the level of customer satisfaction

Passive Portfolio

  • Normal Contributions

  • Profitable Contributions

  • Current savings

  • Term savings

  • Scheduled Savings

  • Common actions

  • Preferred stock

  • Micropensions

Credit Methodologies

  • Individual

  • Solidarity Groups

  • Communal Banks

  • Community Credit

  • Factoring

Active Portfolio

  • Staff

  • Consumption

  • Trust

  • Microcredit

  • Rotary

  • Revolving

  • Pledge

  • Mortgage

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial

  • Business

  • Financial Factoring

  • Financial Leasing

  • Consumption / Retail

Electronic Payment Methods

  • Credit card

  • Debit

  • Prepaid card

  • Virtual card

  • Service card

Associate Service and Attention

  • Onboarding to associate Natural Persons, Legal Entities, Groups

  • Onboarding to manage credits

  • Management of the relationship with the Associate, analyze the 360° profile

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Management of business opportunities

  • Service management

  • Digital contact and customer notifications via SMS, Whatsapp, email

Service Channels 

  • Agency cash operations:

    • Control of cash in vaults

    • Cash control in agencies

    • Deposits

    • Withdrawals

    • Loan disbursements

    • Loan payment

    • Collectors payment

    • Remittance payment

    • Match and close boxes

    • Balance and closing of agencies

  • Operations through the Internet

  • Operations through Mobile Devices

  • Operations through Correspondent Agents

  • Integration with business partners, receipt of online transactions in real time

  • Integration with business allies, reception of agreements modality transactions

Operation management

  • Loan portfolio management

  • Administration and control of payments / payroll

  • Risk assessment in current loan portfolio

  • Portfolio recovery or centralized collection

  • Portfolio recovery or mobile collection

  • Deposit portfolio management

  • Calculation and distribution of surpluses / Sponsorship / Dividends

  • Management of financing lines and credits with funders

  • Pledge of portfolios and rediscounts with funders

Risk management

  • Mitigate Association Risk

  • Mitigate Credit Risk

  • Mitigate Transactional Risk (Money Laundering Prevention)

  • Mitigate Financial Risk

Compliance Management

  • Information for compliance Superintendency of the Financial System

  • Information for compliance with the Central Bank

  • Information for compliance with the Ministry of Finance

  • Management and control of special transactions (PLD / FT)

  • Information for Compliance Know Your Customer

  • Information for compliance Politically Exposed Person

Strategic Information System

  • Analytical information

  • Information KPI's and KRI's

  • Executive dashboards

Administrative, Financial and Accounting Processes

  • Management with suppliers, accounts payable

  • Purchasing Process

  • Supply inventory management

  • Fixed asset management

  • Bank account management

  • HR and Payroll Management

  • Investment management and reports

  • Accounting and Finance

Online Intersystem Operations in Real Time

  • Transactions between affiliated cooperatives

    • Your clients have the possibility of carrying out transactions in any of the agencies that make up the federation.

      • Loan payment

      • Deposits

      • Withdrawals

      • Enter others

Automated Compensation Process

  • Based on the transactions received in the different agencies that make up the federation, the system has the capacity to carry out the processes of calculating commissions and settlements with their respective transactions.

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